As I've had my Smart Window Sticker around my desktop table for programming purposes for so long, it kind of became part of this environment and started to gain functions in it. At first, I implemented few features for testing matters, to validate my drawing functions, transitions effects and so on, but eventually it got really cool functions so I had no choice other than keeping it here. And that's how my Smart Window Sticker got transformed into my... LED matrix taskbar/display/helper/thing/whatever. Through PHP (command line script), I could integrate it with my working station and make it help me on my daily tasks and habits.

It can:

  • alert me whenever a new e-mail message arrives at my inbox;
  • show me the weather conditions and forecast whether it's going or not to rain at 6 o'clock PM (when I usually leave work - as I usually use my motorcycle for going to work, it's nice to know if I can leave earlier in order to avoid the rain) 
  • remind me to take coffee breaks (stop for a bit and rest)
  • inform whenever to have a quick lunch, like a fruit (nutritionists say we shouldn't stay over 3 hours without eating something)
  • make me drink water regularly



As can be checked at video above, I removed the Infra Red receiver and made a frame-box with a 3D printer for housing the circuits.


undefinedI chose to paint it black with tint spray. The PHP script makes use of World Weather Online®'s and Forecast.IO's API service for weather forecasting and a PowerShell script for perceiving e-mail reception at Outlook. I intend to create something for showing my football team's position/calendar at the national league and do something related to market interest rates, etc. I did implement a news feed reader, but reading something at it required took too much time/effort and the resulting experience wasn't good enough to keep it.


Source code: